Badenoch History part 4.5

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More on the family of Alexander Badenoch, who emigrated to Canada in 1907.

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Badenoch History Part Four

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The story of Alexander Badenoch the saddler, who ran away from debt to start a new life among the pioneers at Indian Head in Saskatchewan, Canada. Including his son George Badenoch, a professional footballer for Tottenham Hotspur and Northampton Town, his granddaughter Doris Brownlee who married famous Hollywood actor Eddy Waller.

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Calder Family History

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John Calder (approx 1785 – 1860) and Margaret Stewart (approx 1885 – 1840) of Cabrach in Banffshire. Their daughter Margaret Calder married George Badenoch in the 1830s. Here is some information on the Calder family.

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Badenoch History Part Three

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The story of Scottish carpenter George Badenoch (1840 – 1926) and his wife Isabella Harper (1834 – 1887) who moved to Battersea, London.

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Badenoch History Part Two

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The contrasting stories of the different children of Alexander Badenoch and Margaret Smith.

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Badenoch History One

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The farm labouring origins of the Badenoch family in the Banffshire villages of Cairney and Mortlach, near Huntly. Alexander Badenoch (approx 1770s – 1830s) and Margaret Smith (1876 – 1840s) followed by George Badenoch (1813 – 1875) and Margaret Calder (1811 – 1889).

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Family tree to help make it all a bit less confusing by showing how all the Fisks, Watsons, Atkinsons and Cowgills fit together.

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